80% of people planning to get a new car will opt for a used vehicle says Carfinance247.co.uk

By Jason Hulott | PR

If you are looking to buy a car, you may think that nothing quite beats that “new car” smell or the feeling of being the first owner. New research* from car finance and dealer specialist carfinance247.co.uk, however, reveals that in today’s cost-conscious environment, 80% of people planning to get a new car will opt for a used vehicle.

The study* found that, of those questioned:

  • 60% plan to buy a new or used vehicle within the next 12 months;
  • 80% are planning to buy a second hand vehicle;
  • 57% will use their own cash or savings, while 27% will use a car finance company;
  • 86% of male motorists are opting to buy a used car compared to 63% of their female counterparts.

When asked why they plan to buy a second hand vehicle, understandably, 63% of people say it is due to the cost – with over a third (34%) citing how they can get the car they really want, at an affordable price.

Other reasons for buying a used vehicle instead of a new car include:

  • 17% saying that you get more “extras” as standard (which the original owner would have paid for);
  • 7% saying that any “teething problems” will have been ironed out

Emily Henshall, Marketing Manager at Carfinance247.co.uk, says: “While there is a lot of car buying activity around this time of year, it is interesting to see that while there are a lot of cars being bought, cash strapped Brits tend to be looking for a ‘newish’ car rather than a brand new one.  Buying a second hand car has become the affordable option to upgrade and still get the car buyers want.”

*Independent research carried out in March 2013 on behalf of Carfinance247.co.uk by Usurv.


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