Content marketing ideas for insurance brokers


Content marketing is an essential practice for businesses both large and small. If you have a website and you want to generate targeted traffic on a regular basis – for example, to an insurance site where you can sell your products directly – content marketing can be hugely effective. Getting started is often the hardest part, so here are some ideas that you can use to get your content marketing strategy up and running quickly. Go beyond your products Just focusing on insurance when you … [Read more...]

Are you using email as part of your online marketing strategy?


Emails are still a great way to market, and they will remain effective as long as people use email. Social media may be growing in popularity as a way to communicate, but checking emails is still an essential activity for most people on a daily basis. The first question to ask yourself with email marketing is whether you should be using it. Some of the reasons why it can be a great idea to market with emails include: build a list of targeted subscribers who you can reach to at any … [Read more...]

What does its phone number say about your business?


What’s in a number? When it comes to your business telephone number, it might count for a lot more than you first imagined. For your customers, a simple telephone number can say a lot about you. Rather the random, chance luck of the draw when it comes to what your telephone number is saying about you, imagine the benefit of using it to give your business a competitive advantage. There are specialist companies who can arrange a number for you that does not broadcast your postcode location, … [Read more...]

Who said insurance was boring? The gadgets changing insurance


Insurance may not come across as the most exciting industry to outsiders. However, things are changing in the industry thanks to advancements in technology. In fact, a number of exciting developments are likely to take place in the coming years, involving everything from wearable technology to drones. Here are a few of the gadgets that will shake up the industry over the coming years. Drones Drones are everywhere these days, but they are still mainly used as toys by enthusiasts. … [Read more...]

The digital distribution of insurance

Image of business person holding devices in hands

The distribution of insurance is changing, and this is mainly due to advances in technology. Distribution involves how insurance is delivered as well as how insurance companies interact with customers, and it goes well beyond the sales channel. Distribution involves the provision of information on prices and products, as well as the purchase and beyond. It includes marketing, information gathering, providing advice, signing the contract, paying the premium as well as claims management and … [Read more...]

The growth of insurance price comparison


Price comparison websites have become hugely popular in recent years. Now, when someone decides to find anything from car insurance to a flight, there is a good chance they will head to a comparison website and see what they can find. But why are these sites proving so popular, and what does their popularity mean for you if you are an insurance broker or agent? A quick history of comparison sites Price comparison websites, also called PCWs, have been around in some form almost as long … [Read more...]

Affiliate marketing ideas for insurance brokers


Affiliate marketing can be a highly effective tactic for insurance brokers, helping you to win more business. If you are unsure what it entails but you want to try it out, here are some ideas to get you started. In-house or outsourced programme? One thing to decide is whether to run your affiliate programme yourself or to outsource it. With an in-house programme, you may get more contact with your affiliates and more control, but it can also take up more time, and recruiting affiliates can … [Read more...]

B2B insurance marketing ideas using LinkedIn

Business team and growing chart

Social media is not just for B2C marketing. Businesses targeting other businesses are also finding that they can get some great results from various social platforms. The most important social site for businesses is LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook are also popular, but LinkedIn is a professional network, and it is the ideal platform for targeting other businesses. So if you run an insurance company targeting business customers, how can you use LinkedIn to market your products? Make sure … [Read more...]

Email marketing ideas for insurance brokers


Despite all the new forms of online marketing that have appeared in recent years, email marketing is not going anywhere. It remains one of the most popular forms of online marketing for insurance businesses because it is so effective. But how do you get the most from your emails? Here are some ideas to keep in mind. Use double opt-in Always ask for permission to send emails. If people opt-in to receive your emails, it means they will be better prospects, and they are less likely to … [Read more...]

What is Fintech? And should the insurance industry have Instech?

Insurance concept

Fintech (which stands for Financial Technology) is something that we are hearing a lot more about, and it is having a significant effect on businesses around the world. In the same way, Instech, or insurance technology, can also bring many benefits to companies operating in the insurance sector. Here is a guide to both, looking at how they are changing how businesses operate. Online payments, loans and more Fintech can consist of any technology that relates to finance. This can include … [Read more...]