What is Fintech? And should the insurance industry have Instech?

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Fintech (which stands for Financial Technology) is something that we are hearing a lot more about, and it is having a significant effect on businesses around the world. In the same way, Instech, or insurance technology, can also bring many benefits to companies operating in the insurance sector. Here is a guide to both, looking at how they are changing how businesses operate. Online payments, loans and more Fintech can consist of any technology that relates to finance. This can include … [Read more...]

Online marketing tips for insurance startups

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Startups often don't have a lot of cash to spend on marketing, but that should not stop you from developing a marketing strategy of your own. This is especially important in the insurance industry because it is so competitive. The great news is that many online marketing techniques can be done with very little investment, so there is nothing to stop you when you are starting out. As you start to grow, you may want to outsource them to a marketing agency, but for now you can get going with a … [Read more...]

Building an insurance website using WordPress


If you want to build a website using a platform that is simple to use, powerful and, best of all, free, you may want to try out WordPress. WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but it is now used by companies large and small all over the world. It provides you with a professional website solution, and there is no limit to what it is capable of Here is a guide to starting your insurance website on WordPress so that you can soon have your site up and running. Get your host sorted … [Read more...]

Online insurance marketing techniques

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Insurance is a competitive market online, and marketing is often an essential activity for anyone in this industry. Online marketing techniques are popular because many of them are affordable and relatively easy to get started with, even if you have no experience in them. Here is a selection of techniques that you may want to experiment with to start generating more online business. Email marketing Social media and other techniques may have grown in popularity over recent years, but … [Read more...]

Building an insurance website using WordPress


Insurance brokers need websites in this day and age if they are to stand any chance of competing in a competitive market. The last few years have seen huge changes in the world of web design, and now it is easier than ever to set up a professional website with the minimum of investment in time and money. One of the best options is to launch a website on the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world, and it is incredibly simple to use. Here … [Read more...]

Online insurance marketing techniques


If you run an insurance website, one of the most important areas that you will want to focus on is online marketing. There are many techniques that you can choose from, and it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to get started. However, many techniques are actually quite easy to set up, and the results can come in quickly. Here are a few that you may want to consider trying out. Write guest blogs While having your own blog is highly recommended, you can always write blogs for other … [Read more...]

Using WordPress to build your mobile website

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Do you not have a mobile website yet? If not, you could be missing out on business. People are using mobile devices to not only browse the web but to purchase products like insurance – and you want to make sure that they can do so on your website with ease. If your website is built using WordPress, you have many options for making it more suitable for mobile visitors. Have two themes in place One of the simplest ways to make sure your website is easy to view in a mobile format is to … [Read more...]

WP Calculators


Just a quick post to let everyone now we have tidied up some of the tools within the WP Calculators so now All results are displayed on screen and not via JV Alerts All results appears as text and not in form boxes The tools are responsive We have added CSS styled buttons The plugin is free to use and adds a large range of financial calculators to a website via a sidebar widget or shortcode. We are also looking to increase the range of tools in this plugin so if there is a … [Read more...]

How NOT to market your business


Most businesses with an online presence understand the need these days to market themselves on the internet. However, there are so many options to consider, and there is so much advice available, that sometimes it can be impossible to know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Despite having the best intentions, you may be making some classic marketing mistakes that could be hurting your business. So here are some of the ways NOT to market your business. Asking for too … [Read more...]

New client site launched – FinancialAdviceNI


We have just finished and launched a new client site called FinancialAdviceNI – www.financialadviceni.co.uk. This is a site aimed at providing Northern Ireland residents with a variety of options to help them through the minefield that is financial services.  With local knowledge and expertise, the site focuses on both independent and impartial education and advice. We had a blank canvas to work with and we put together the whole site from branding, content support, to design, build and … [Read more...]