PR and a branded newsroom


As a PR professional, it really gets my goat when clients think that PR is there to either: be used as a “quick” link building exercise; or guaranteed to get you on the front page of every national newspaper. The facts are that: using online PR purely for link building purposes became a no-no with Google’s Hummingbird update. Google isn’t stupid and could see that a lot of companies were simply sending out PR on any old rubbish in order to attract back links; unless your … [Read more...]

TeleArk: An Innovator in Lead Generation Service


Lead generation is a big business in today’s ever expanding market place. With businesses at every level eager to tap into new revenue opportunities, and increase business communication and companywide productivity, lead generation service is the business solution for every industry. Using high-quality leads, your business can accelerate sales and market activities, scale productivity, and deliver tangible results. A true innovator in lead generation service, TeleArk is a full−service … [Read more...]

Isis Insurance Testimonial


"In the short time that Jason and Speedie Consulting have been working with us he has added tremendous value into our business. Jason has a unique grasp of the insurance industry from a marketing perspective, which allows him to understand the needs of an insurance broker and then provide some fantastic solutions – particularly in the area of on line marketing and social media. Jason has certainly made a real difference to our marketing results, and has helped us to understand how to … [Read more...]

How to wow your audience at your next trade show

Whether you’re first time exhibitor or a battle hardened veteran, you’ll know that trade shows are one of the best ways to meet your customers face to face in large numbers. It’s also however one of the most expensive marketing activities - one where there’s little room for guess work or error. To help increase your chances of success we’ve compiled an 8 point checklist covering the key aspects of trade show planning, marketing and promotion. Pre event – you’ll learn how savvy … [Read more...]

How Small Businesses Can Do Content Marketing on a Budget

"Content marketing" is one of those buzz phrases that a lot of small business owners will simply zone out from when they hear. However, for those that want to see past the jargon, content marketing is really a very simple process that just refers to creating information and content about a business that can be accessed via a company website or through social media platforms. For small businesses especially, it is vital that they find ways in which to stand out from the crowd and differentiate … [Read more...]

How to Create an Online Video Marketing Strategy


A well-made video communicates to your target audience in ways that other marketing tools don’t. Though online video will not replace direct mail, trade shows and websites as effective sales and marketing methods, it can enhance these marketing tactics to make them more interesting and effective. If you are hesitant to launch an online video marketing program, consider this statistic: 52% of consumers say that watching online product videos makes them more confident in the purchase … [Read more...]

Why Business Owners Need to Know How to Say Sorry and Keep the Ball Rolling

It’s inevitable—at some point in the line of owning and operating a business, regardless of the industry, there’s going to be a foible. It might be a minor one, or a gigantic one, but interestingly, that’s hardly the main issue. While it might seem like the bigger the disaster the worse, the real issue is disaster management. For example, let’s say you are the owner or CEO of a tire manufacturer. A small number of accidents have been caused by tire blowouts, perhaps resulting in … [Read more...]

When is being illogical good for business?

We are all far more subjective than we might like to believe we are.  Our logical minds are but the tip of the iceberg, below is the stuff that really drives us and makes us tick, even helping us to decide which matters we should be logical about! Buried deep in our psyche lies our subconscious mind.  Whether we acknowledge its presence or not, it holds precedence over our actions, feeding the ‘front’ of our mind (the logical bit) with any pieces of information it thinks we need to be … [Read more...]

4 Undeniable Reasons Why Your Customers Make The Best Marketers

E-commerce is changing how we shop, and how we view customer feedback. Whether you’re an online seller or competing against one, you can make up for lost face time in very simple ways. The key is to take advantage of customer traits that make them your ideal brand ambassadors. Here are four undeniable reasons why your loyal customers are better at marketing than you are. 1) They’re Very Persuasive A 2013 Nielsen study concluded that 84 percent of consumers worldwide said they trust … [Read more...]

UK Holidaymakers risk Hefty Bills unless they Book Hire Car Excess Insurance Warns UK Company


An independent insurance comparison site is urging all UK residents thinking of hiring a car either in the UK or when they go abroad to source the correct car hire excess insurance, after a string of horror stories from British holidaymakers. Those hiring a car abroad can face a bill of €2,000 if their hired VW Golf is written off on the Algarve or €1800 if their Ford Focus is stolen in Italy. And across Europe a very frequent claim is for a chipped windscreen, with the bill usually being … [Read more...]