iPhone insurance: And you thought your iPhone would be expensive to replace says Protectyourbubble

By Jason Hulott

When is an iPhone not just an iPhone? When it has been ‘blinged’ up to include 200 year old African Blackwood, Swarovski crystals and an 18-karat gold Apple logo. This $5,000 iPhone (which equates to around £3,145) however, isn’t the most expensive iPhone around, says iPhone insurance specialists Protectyourbubble.

With Christmas fast approaching and iPhones on many a Christmas present wish list, the gadget insurance provider have drawn up a list of some of the most expensive iPhones currently available.

If the first iPhone doesn’t interest you, then maybe you’ll be tempted by a $10,000 (£6,300) iPhone 4? This luxury mobile phone features a black diamond ingrained in to the Apple logo, hence the price tag.

However, both these iPhones – from luxury communication devices manufacturer Gresso – may seem fairly cheap in comparison to jeweller Peter Aloisson’s iPhone Princess Plus that retails at around £110,000.

With 17.75 carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold around its rim, it won’t be light enough to carry around in your pocket!

Also from the same designer is the Kings Button iPhone. This iPhone 3G is solid 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold and features 138 brilliant cut diamonds. The home button is not just any old home button but, in fact, a rare 6.6 carat white diamond. A fair snip at £1.6million!

If the thought of spending that much money on a mobile phone leaves you panicky, then look away now – because the above pale in comparison when you could potentially spend a cool £5million on a gold encrusted, bejewelled iPhone from designer Stuart Hughes. With 100 carats of flawless diamonds, fifty-three more diamonds forming the Apple logo and a platinum home button that features a rare 7.4-carat pink diamond, this is bling at its best.

This iPhone even comes with its own storage box – a block of pink granite – to keep it protected when you switch it off for the night. But as only two of these will ever be made, if you want one, you better get your order in quickly!

Of course, for most of us, these luxury iPhones are out of our reach. And even if you do have an iPhone on your Christmas present wish list, it’s unlikely that you’ll get one of the above!

For most of us, an iPhone can still work out expensive though, with handset-only prices ranging from around £700 for an Apple iPhone 3GS* and £750 for an Apple iPhone 4 16GB black* – and that’s without any bling on them – so protecting them with iPhone insurance may be worth thinking about.

An iPhone insurance policy from Protectyourbubble.com can cost from as little as £5.99 a month, and will provide up to £1,000 worth of cover in the event that your iPhone is accidentally damaged, lost, stolen, or it breaks down outside the manufacturer’s warranty period.


* http://www.expansys.com/mobile-phones/sim-free-phones/?filter=1|51|Apple





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