7 magnificent ways that using PR can benefit your business

By Jason Hulott | Articles

Press releases (PR) are a very underestimated marketing tool, with people often not realising just how valuable it can be to boosting your business, both online and offline. At Speedie Consultants, many of our existing clients now use PR as part of their internet marketing campaign – and not just to announce a new product launch.

Of course, if you have a message to get out there, then sending a press release is a great way to let people know! But PR can do so much more, including helping your SEO efforts!

Here we share our top 7 reasons why we really love PR …

  1. there are a number of online news wires (some free, some paid for) that will issue your PR on their news wires, including links within your press release. This can have a far reaching, global effect, meaning that you’ll get lots of unique links back to your website, which will help boost your SEO rankings;
  2. PR can build brand and name awareness. A constant drip feeding of newsworthy stories (say two a month or one a week) will subtly build awareness to potential customers;
  3. your PR doesn’t even have to be about you or your company – it could be associated with a study that you have carried out that is related to what you do. Journalists LOVE data and statistics, so getting some useful, auditable information out there means you could get more coverage (see our article here: https://www.speedieconsulting.co.uk/benefits-of-carrying-out-surveys-for-pr-purposes/ );
  4. putting quotes in your PR gives the person being quoted an air of “expertise”. Doing this will build up your profile as a specialist in your field. When this happens, many of our clients then become known as the “go-to” guy (or girl) when journalists need a comment on something related to your industry;
  5. points number 2 and 4 above also have the added benefit of creating a “trust” and an affinity with potential readers – again, helping boost your business;
  6. with no confines to the reach of a particularly good story (think, offline and online publications and via social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc) you could engage a massive audience;
  7. If your company name is mentioned in a story – say, a national newspaper – the awareness it will generate will be so much more than if you had taken out an advert in the very same newspaper. This is because the broadsheets are trusted by their readership, and a journalist positively reviewing your product or brand is seen as a true endorsement – something money cannot buy.
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So there you have it! Those are our top 7 reasons why we use PR as part of an internet marketing campaign  – and if you’d like to find out how more, then please feel free to get in touch!


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Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.