Attract new affiliates and then get them to put up your links!

By Jason Hulott | Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that there are over 10,000 affiliate Programmes on the web and in the finance and insurance arena there are hundreds of them with multiple affiliate networks?

How are you going to get affiliates that already promote your competitors products, to promote yours as well?

Well, let me share with you some ideas that will guarantee to get your signups to your Programme.

1. Signing Bonus on First Sale

The first idea to share is the sign up bonus. This comes in many shapes and sizes but for now I will talk about a signing bonus paid on first sale.

Incentivising someone to join your programme and put your links live is easier if you can give them a single bonus for doing it at the same time.

Remember joining your affiliate programme is less than half the battle, getting your ads and links live is a lot more important. Think about it, would you rather have:

Door Number 1: 100 affiliates in your Programme or
Door Number 2: 10 affiliates in your Programme AND have your links live?

Hopefully you took door number 2.

So we want to incentivise affiliates to join AND get your links live. If you just offered a signing bonus for joining then you could end up with affiliates just joining your Programme for the sign up fee. After all, you would, wouldn’t you!

You could be seriously out of pocket and if you don’t pay up, you will do yourself more harm and good.

Don’t do it! Make it clear that in order to qualify for a signing bonus they have to sell product.

How do they sell product? They put your links live! When they generate their first sale then you can go ahead and send them their signing bonus.

See how easy that was!

2. Freebie or Gift

A favourite of mine is the freebie or gift bribe (I mean incentive). Do you have a product or marketing material that could be a freebie? Do you get Product samples from your suppliers? What about buying in something that you can brand with your logo and URL that you can send out as a incentive to join your programme?

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One way I used this (it is mentioned in the calendar bonus), was the Chocolate Easter egg. It was fantastically quirky, the affiliate network I ran it through thought it was fantastic. I was egg-static with the result. A £15,000 increase in new business from £125 worth of spend.

Why not try something just as quirky.

Every year one affiliate network sends me a Lottery ticket with my Christmas card. With the advent of scratch cards, you could give away one or a lottery ticket. I’ve never won yet by the way but it is a nice though and I always remember them!

3. Free Product or Service

If you can why not give your affiliates a free copy or experience of your product or service?

The best affiliates are those that will have used the product or own it as they can see first hand how good it is. It also then gives them the opportunity to give you a testimonial or allow them to write there own review of your product.

If you have an electronic product, then really there is no cost to you to send out a few free copies. If you send it to a select few people, they can generate an infinite amount of profit.

Research the potential affiliates that you want to offer this to. Do not make it a generic offering! This is a great way to attract Super Affiliates, the kinds of affiliates that can sell lots of your product really quickly. The web versions of Wall Mart!

Remember: Do not show this incentive on your website! After all everyone would just sign up as an affiliate to get your product for FREE!

4. Cross Promotion Opportunities

Sometimes the best affiliate could be someone with their own product or affiliate programme. This could be in a similar or supporting product.

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Think laterally. There could be links with other industries that you have never thought about before.

You could provide this in one of two ways. A one-off cross promotion or an ongoing relationship where you would expose your customers to each other products.

You could find 20 – 30 a week to contact. Look at websites, newspapers, magazines, there is a huge market out there that could be interested in your product. If they see the synergy with your product then getting them onboard should be easy.

5. Affiliate Marketing Centre

If you give your affiliates training, and materials then they will love you for it. Help them to make money. After all it will make you money too!

Provide training courses, forums, FAQs , links to articles or products and tools that have helped you in your efforts.

If you can show affiliates that you are there to support them and offer a wide range of tools to help them earn, they will join your programme.

Imagine, just having an affiliate programme that has a signup page and gives you a trackable link. No creative, no copy, no help.

Would you join and actively promote this programme?

Didn’t think so. Now and again, step into the shoes of your affiliates and walk a mile. Comfortable?

Remember that not all affiliates are at the same place. Some may not know HTML, or how to add a link to a page. Give them the tools or help them to do this.

See who has joined your programme and then after a week or two week, see who has added your links and who hasn’t. Follow up with those that haven’t to see if they need help. You will be amazed at the kind of questions you will get.

The more helpful you are the more likely people will want to help you by generating sales.


About the Author

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.