Blog Marketing

Why are blogs and blog copy so important?

It is becoming increasingly important to have a blog solution in place if you are operating any section of your business online. However, many companies still do not maximise their blog and what it can do for them, and are really missing out on all the benefits that it search engine optimised blog copy can bring.

Regular, interesting – and most importantly – unique – blog content is really attractive to search engines and can help build trust with visitors to the site. Blogs can be simple and affordable to set up, but the difficulty for many firms comes with producing the blog copy and coming up with the ideas.

That is where we come in. We can take on all of your blog copy activities by coming up with the ideas, crafting keyword optimised content, and posting it on a regular basis to your blog, so you can save time and get on with focusing on other aspects of your business.

Key benefits:

  • search engines love content which is updated regularly, and we can do this for you, allowing you to enjoy some real SEO benefits by publishing regular blog posts;
  • we can help you build an online community around your brand and develop rapport with visitors;
  • our service enables you to spread the word about your content automatically via social networking – blogs have excellent syndication and notification facilities;
  • blogs are simple to manage and, for non-technical people, a blog can be a website, allowing you an easy to manage and easy to update online solution. We can set up your blog and show you how to manage and update it yourself, or we can do this for you;
  • the low costs involved in running a blog make it particularly attractive, and we have a number of affordable solutions relating to blog set up, blog management, and blog population.

Set up your blog today

Blogs are a fantastic way to post regular content to your website, either on a weekly or daily basis. This addition of regular blog content attracts the search engines and drives traffic, and at the same time visitors are likely to stay for longer because they are able to engage with your content and leave comments.

Blogs are also the perfect platform from which to start up a social media campaign. You can post your blogs automatically to social networks to attract even more targeted traffic to your website and help to market your brand further.

People are not just looking for the hard sell online, and instead they want information. Your blog is an excellent place to provide that information, and if you provide it consistently then people will return more frequently and stay for longer, increasing your chances of converting them into customers.

We can help you to set up and market your blog on an ongoing basis to help you get the most from all the benefits available. We will set it up and syndicate it, share it over social media profiles, batch upload in order to automate content delivery and automatically submit posts to bookmarking sites.

We can also create high quality keyword optimised blog content, manage the content on a regular basis and develop a marketing strategy. Essentially, we can take over the running of your blog entirely, freeing your time up, and all at a very reasonable price.

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