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Mind.Capital Crypto Auto Trading Bot

By Jason Hulott | Bitcoin , CryptoCurrency

Who are Mind.Capital? Mind.Capital is the brainchild of a former professional gambler, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. At its heart, it’s a system for investing in the cryptocurrency market with a focus on profitability.  It’s not a brokerage platform and individual users don’t trade cryptocurrency assets on their own behalf. They make an investment (which can be increased, […]

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Beginners Guide to Buying and Using Bitcoin

By Jason Hulott | Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, created in 2008 as a by-product of an attempt to create a viable digital cash system. It’s the best known, highest value and where most people’s brains go when thinking of crypto. Getting started with Bitcoin is simple but comes with caveats. This isn’t like managing your bank account online; […]

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