Content Marketing

Are you looking to add content marketing to your online marketing mix? With over 40 years experience of producing FCA regulated content for finance, insurance and property clients, we can produce or develop content marketing plans that help attract, engage and convert visitors to clients.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of using content to attract visitors to your site form a range of platforms and then use content to educate and engage with them so they become customers.

What we cover


Ensure quality content


Look at range of options based on audience


Range of content types


Maximise third party platforms


Create useful video


Podcast option for consuming content


Create range of image based content

Social Media

Produce platform specific content


Build strategies and implementation plans

Why is content marketing so important?

Web content is more important than ever for companies operating on the internet. After all, the internet is based on content, and companies which do not have a good content strategy will always find themselves lagging behind the competition.

The search engines love web copy, and this is one reason on its own why developing a content marketing strategy will help boost your business. 

Our web content service can help your content rank higher within the search engines, meaning you can begin to attract more highly-targeted traffic to your site.

Our web copywriting service isn’t just about helping with SEO – it can help you attract more customers too. This is because many people use the internet to find information, and by providing that information to your existing and potential new customers, you will be able to build trust and rapport with them, whilst enhancing your credentials as a serious player in your industry.

Essentially, without good, keyword-rich web copy on your website and syndicated across the web, it is very hard to survive and be successful in the online environment. Of course, you simply may not have the time and / or the skills needed in order to run a successful content marketing plan. However, the good news is that we can help you to develop and run a successful content strategy – and at an affordable cost.

Key benefits of Content Marketing

  • the search engines reward high quality content, and using our service this will help your website to appear higher up the results pages and attract more targeted traffic;
  • if you provide information for your customers then this will look good in their eyes as it will help them to make informed decisions;
  • our high quality web copy can enhance your business’s credentials and yours personally as an industry expert;
  • we can spread your web content over the internet via directories and social networking sites to drive more traffic to your website and improve brand recognition;
  • affordability. Content stays online for as long as you want it to, and it is also one of the cheapest forms of online marketing available. You only pay for it once, but it keeps on working hard for you.

We are passionate about developing a winning content strategy 

Adding new web content is one of the most important ways to attract new business online. Our service can make your website more search engine friendly and provide visitors with access to up-to-date information, boosting your search engine optimisation, enhancing your reputation and winning new customers at the same time.

There are many types of content that we can provide for you (video, written and audio), including:

  • onsite web copy for websites, blogs and minisites;
  • articles for external marketing / link building activities;
  • press releases;
  • tips sheets;
  • downloadable guides;
  • videos (YouTube is the second largest search engine, so do not underestimate the power of videos);
  • product pages;
  • latest company and industry news;
  • testimonials.

Whichever web copy content you require, we make sure that it is unique, of a high quality and keyword optimised in order to take full advantage of the benefits. Each piece of web copy will be crafted with its purpose in mind, by a native English speaker, and won’t simply be churned out or plagiarised as you may often find with some other copywriting companies.

With so many benefits of producing original web content for your website, you may want to start adding content today to start taking advantage of them all. We can help you maximise your website and your online presence by creating, posting and managing all of your content for you and developing a successful content marketing strategy. Why not get in touch today to find out exactly how we can help?