Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

By Jason Hulott | CryptoCurrency

Displaying a wealth of cryptocurrency information on your site is much easier than it looks. These plugins will give your visitors useful data and you huge amounts of valuable content as you dip your toe into crypto.

1 Cryptocurrency Widgets – Price Ticker & Coins List

By: Cool Plugins

Generates simple lists of live coin prices across 32 fiat currencies and lets you add an RSS ticker to your pages. Worth looking at for the demo versions of the developers’ premium services which allow you to build up to a full 200 page exchange list of different coins. The paid-for version of the plugin supports over 1,500 coins, with real time price updates.

2 Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets Pack

By: Blocksera

This bundle of widgets lets you display as few or as many cryptocurrency prices on your site, with over 2,000 available. Updates come every 5 minutes using the CoinGecko API. A free version gets you a simple grid display with a ticker running as a header or footer. The pro upgrade gives you a wealth of analytical charts and the ability to display multiple currencies, among other enhancements. It also allows you to make use of the Changelly widget, allowing currency trades and giving you the opportunity to profit from transaction fees.

3 Crypto Price Widgets – CryptoWP

By: Alex Mangini

A new entry, CryptoWP focuses on giving you the information you want and need rather than hundreds of pages of content. It runs everything off the dashboard front end, allowing you to decide on a grid, text or list layout for your coin displays. Importing coin prices is a one-click affair and by limiting the data to the current it’s kind to database space. The widget retrieves prices every 15 minutes from the CryptoCompare API. Only a free version at the moment but a pro version with extended functionality is in development.

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4 Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro

By: Cool Plugins

Not a list of coin prices, but of over 200 of the best exchanges. The API pulls in loads of useful data, showing the Alexa rank and trading volume of each exchange in automatically generated pages. Works with the Coin Market Cap and Prices plugin by the same devs to show historical coin prices and run price comparisons between exchanges.

5 Coinpress – Cryptocurrency Pages for WordPress

By: Blocksera

In-depth data on over 3,500 coins, with real-time current and historical pricing, market details and more. Charts let you display your data in a more meaningful way to show your visitors coin trends and you can customise the descriptions and links for each. It generates data and updates automatically, so it’s accurate and current.

6 CoinCompare

By: FinancialTechnology

Designed to get your crypto market site up and running, CoinCompare provides all the information you could want. Supporting over 150 fiat currencies and over 20 languages included your visitors can customise their experience while you set your defaults. Tailor your lists by removing coins you’re no longer interested in and automatically add new coins as soon as they go live.

7 Cryptocurrency Mining Calculators

By: DaftPlug

This plugin gives you the data you need to make an educated decision for those looking into mining or investing in a farm. Return on investment, maintenance fees and energy costs are all factored into the mobile or tablet-friendly charts.

Building your own cryptocurrency

If you are committed to the crypto cause, you can go the whole hog and start your own. These plugins make it easy but “easy” isn’t the same thing as “right for you”. Do your research before you jump in.

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8 WPICO – Initial Coin Offering

By: IdealBrothers

WPICO lets you set up and manage an Initial Coin Offering through the dashboard with no additional coding knowledge required. It handles 16 online payment methods, both in fiat and crypto, and gives you the full roadmap you need to get going.

9 WPCOIN Alternative Coin WordPress Plugin

By: IdealBrothers

A sister-product to WPICO, WPCOIN lets you set up and sell your own alt-coin. The plugin incorporates wallet functionality and peer-to-peer coin trading for users. Simple to set up but both these plugins come with a “look before you leap” warning.


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