Digital marketing ideas for finance companies

By Jason Hulott | Traffic Generation

If you operate a finance company of any sort, you can almost certainly take advantage of digital marketing techniques to win more customers and boost your bottom line.

But how should you get started?

There are a number of techniques that you can choose from, and here are four of the most effective.

  1. Grow your social media presence

You can get a lot out of being active on social media. Many finance companies wrongly assume that they nothing of interest to provide, but this is not the case.

Choose the best platform for your business, whether that is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another social network, then start sending regular updates.

This could be content that you have posted on your blog, interesting articles you have found, your expert opinion on something in the news, or anything else.

Slowly start to grow your follower numbers by answering their questions, and use it as a form of customer service. React to comments that mention you and your products, and use a social media management tool to schedule your posts.

Over time, you can direct more of your social followers to your website, build trust, build a relationship and increase sales.

  1. Experiment with native advertising

Rather than posting high-quality content to your blog and hoping people find it, one option is to sign up with a native advertising company like Outbrain.

The service will then get your article featured on other websites, often under a section called ‘related content’ or something similar.

You then pay for the clicks to your content, but you get to engage the visitor, and this can be a good way to grow relationships, build trust and demonstrate your expertise.

  1. Start a regular blog
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One of the simplest digital marketing ideas is to start your own blog. If you are stuck for ideas, look at what your competitors are writing about. Even better, look at their most popular blogs if they provide this information.

Start thinking of ideas, and more ideas will come. These could include:

  • seasonal stories;
  • competitions;
  • expert opinion;
  • tips and advice;
  • news.

Or anything that will get people engaged in your content, encourage comments and helps you to build a community.

Blogging has a number of other benefits, including SEO, which is a good reason to start one.

  1. Publish on authority websites

As well as publishing blogs on your website, consider publishing them on other websites.

Many authority blogs and websites accept guest posts, and this gives you an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Direct readers from the authority site to your own, and grow your reputation as an expert and increase brand awareness.

Use digital marketing to improve your results

Digital marketing can be very effective for finance companies. These are only four ideas, and there are many more techniques you can experiment with.

Try to find a few that work for you, and then put in regular effort to make sure you take full advantages of all the benefits.


About the Author

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.