Fintech News review for 25th October

By Jason Hulott | Fintech News

With 193 deals valued at around $121billion (to August 2018) the mergers and acquisitions environment within the major corporate Fintech sector continues to dazzle.  One of the major drivers is the realisation by many large corporates that they need smaller and dynamically responsive innovative partners whilst smaller companies need the capital and other resources of the larger player. Finextra

Ellevest, Harness Wealth, and Facet Wealth are pushing the boundaries of Fintech wealth management propositions.  Moving away from essentially robot-based applications, they are now integrating a combination of systems and human interfaces into their service propositions.  The concepts vary from making available online human consultants through to sales forces out in the field, but integration is seen to be key for future growth. Forbes

Deal Room and VC Finch Capital have released a report analysing the current status of investment in the EU Fintech sector.  The analysis states that this is the EU’s most vibrant investment market that to date has yielded €150billion in value plus an improved European consumer experience. There is the potential for another €150billion. Eu-Startups

G20 finance leaders have issued a statement confirming that strict regulations will be applied to crypto-currencies and that “Stablecoins” should not be allowed at this time.  Although the statement welcomes the innovation and potential utility of these crypto-currencies, there are concerns relating to conflicts with national fiscal policies and money laundering. Reuters

The “Big Tech” technology service providers such as Google and Apple, may have a major opportunity if they move into the investment funds marketplace, according to a report from distribution network Calastone.  Their global surveys indicate that the millennial generation has an inbuilt tendency to trust the major household-name technology companies and that could be translated into sales opportunities. Finextra

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