WP Calculators

WP Calculators

While we have been working on the new plugin, we have found a better drag and drop form plugin we fully endorse to help you get the forms and calculators.  On top of this it gives you all the combined functions you need to build calculator that then generate enquiries for you.  This was the plugin we we working on but this one is so much more than that.    Find out more here.

New Free Financial Calculators WordPress Plugin for Finance and Insurance Websites

We recently commissioned a collection of 10 javascript calculators in order to allow finance and insurance websites the ability to add really useful functionality without the need to link off to other services.

As we recommend WordPress to all of our clients, turning this into something that integrates within WordPress made perfect sense and allows users to add in highly sophisticated tools by simply adding a simple tag to a page or post.

The plugin includes the following financial calculators:

  • Finance: Credit Card Calculator
  • Finance: Loan Calculator
  • Finance Calculator
  • Finance: Budgeting Calculator
  • Investment: Investment Calculator
  • Savings: Savings Calculator
  • Life Insurance: Life Cover Calculator
  • Mortgage: How Much Can I Borrow?
  • Mortgage: What Will It Cost?
  • Mortgage: Monthly Mortgage Payments

Now you can have these for absolutely nothing. All you need to do is complete the short form below and your plugin will be winging it’s way to you.

All of these calculators are completely self-contained and run on page without the need for third party calling.

The financial calculators can be used either by shortcode in the html editor on pages and posts or using the widget functionality to add them to your sidebar.

We have stopped offering this plugin for now.  This is what we recommend instead >>> Find out more here.