Interview with Ash Davidson – Learning Crypto

By Jason Hulott | CryptoCurrency

When I first started to investigate cryptocurrency, Learning Crypto was one of the first courses and training platforms I bought into to learn the basics of all of this stuff. I managed to pin the CEO, Ash down for a quick chat.

How did you get started in crypto investing / trading?

I first got involved in Cryptocurrency investing in October 2016, I knew basics of trading through learning about penny stocks and basic trading methods back in 2015 but never really had the time to dedicate any time to it due to my military career at the time.

What Is Learning Crypto?

Learning Crypto is a company I founded which steamed from The Crypto Mob which was founded in June 2017 but the official birth of Learning Crypto as an education platform was born in November 2018.

We specialise in online education and mentoring with potential group education in the cryptocurrency markets.

We are currently going through CPD assessment to be recognised by a professional body in the UK.

Been seeing a lot of about the hitman.  What is that?

The Hitman is a trading indicator designed to aid people on market direction and sentiment alerting them to possible investment or trade moves in the market based off a combination of indicators using live data feeds.

Do you have any other tools and courses in development?

We have a few things lined up for the future with the Hitman but not carried out testing yet, also thinking about developing a live trading course which would be lessons running along side live trades over a period of 6 months.

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What do you think is stopping crypto going mainstream right now?

We already are mainstream, people don’t like that idea, we just don’t have adoption yet. Think of crypto like the electric car back in 2005, it will improve and with improvements more people will come to use it.

Any new coins or opportunities you are excited about this year?

No new coins, I think the market has some great existing coins already out at fantastic prices that could bring some amazing returns.


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