Interview with Josh Lloyd – Envision Digital

By Jason Hulott | Fintech Marketing

Having most of the population on lockdown is presenting some great opportunities to chat to relevant business owners , that you normally wouldn’t get chance to chat to. I recently connected with Josh Lloyd who runs an app marketing company which is focussed on the Fintech space.

Tell us a bit about you.

I am a curious, enthusiastic, and data-driven guy. Having spent the past 2.5 years or so with my ventures and ad agencies serving small to medium-sized businesses with strategic marketing needs. My love of all things tech has enabled me to understand a lot outside of the typical remit of a digital marketer. From a background in Music, I swiftly switched lanes to focus on digital acquisition for exciting tech brands. I now find myself with Envision Digital, a strategic app marketing agency in London.

How did you get started with Apps?

It was when I joined agency land – I was at an ad agency in London as their mobile app specialist. I fell into the world headfirst handling campaign management and user activation for some of the biggest gambling brands in the UK. I had the chance to soak up the atmosphere at events like MWC, and the like, and haven’t come up for air ever since. I did that for 18 months before venturing out into my own business at 26.

Why Fintech?

It is just such an incredibly exciting industry and the innovation is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I am a bit of a tech-head myself, so this stuff is personally inspiring, and I get to channel that into the work we do with clients. FinTech is very much an eyes-on industry for the majority of the world now. With the birth of Monzo came a whole wave of tech-enabled apps and businesses. I identified that this is a fantastic opportunity to deliver strong performance and value. Most fintech seemed to have chosen the App route.

What do you see if the biggest thing they are not doing at launch?

A lot of the time I see negligence surrounding App Store optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, data collection and visualisation – there are a few things that might not be a top priority but make a significant impact. Even the likes of Monzo don’t necessarily have a perfect ASO score.

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Still, because of their marketing power, they don’t need it right now; however, this does allow other apps to be disruptive. Where we see an opportunity to improve businesses with apps is analysing their user funnel and how their retention model works.

A lot of the time businesses think marketing is the answer to growing their customers, but the product has every bit to do with it, too. Optimising a conversion rate from 50% to 80% can be the difference of thousands of users activated and retained.

What key metrics should fintechs be measuring with app marketing? Everyone talks about downloads but is that the best metric?

Downloads are a dud metric – they hold NO value for any app owner/developer. They are merely numbers on a screen. Quantifying the end of the funnel is where the magic is, and it massively helps marketing efforts that feed into ASO, CRO, and data-lead decisions. The best metric is always going to be what is at the end of the funnel – be it a purchase, deposit, or similar.

The accompanying parameters I have alluded to in ASO, CRO and retention that define the success at the bottom of the funnel. If one thing is pulling its weight, then it can have implications to the success of campaigns that we typically run on ad platforms.

Tell me more about your app marketing accelerator program?

It is a way to give back to smaller businesses who might not have the capital needed to market their apps through an external resource. It houses information on how we plan, build, and execute our campaigns and what to look out for when running them. It tackles everything from cost-analysis and funnel definition, to be able to track correctly, hacks for finding Facebooks hidden interests, and some other cool stuff. It’s free and probably can be consumed in a matter of a week depending on how sick you get of my voice and face!

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What made you select Mixpanel?

It’s just such a fresh platform. Being a data-geek, the data visualisation and the impact it has on businesses gets my motor running. Aside from that probably slightly disturbing thought, it is brilliant for small businesses. It grows as the business grows, it is not outlandishly expensive, and it houses all of the stuff you need to ramp up an app: data visualisation, audience profiling, engagement tools, retention and funnel analysis, plus some other great goodies.

They’re an awesome bunch of people, but I would always remain relatively platform-agnostic because it has to fit the clients needs. We partnered with Mixpanel, so we know it inside and out, and when a client wants to use it, we can be on-hand with a lot of the support and onboarding from us as well as from Mixpanel directly if we need to.

How can people find out more about you guys?

My LinkedIn profile is always a place to start. I am posting quite a bit on our take on the FinTech and app world. Our website has some cool gems on it in the blog post, and if anyone wants to get in touch, that is generally an excellent place to do it.

We are about to go live with a new YouTube channel as well, which will massively compliment the app accelerator program with some informative, bite-sized videos on app marketing and the various areas of it. Keep an eye out for that on LinkedIn.


About the Author

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.