Interview with Yousif Nur – Blockchain Blueprint

By Jason Hulott | Fintech News

I was introduced to Yousif this week, who is morphing his blockchain training course into a Blockchain SME consultancy, at a time when LinkedIn is telling us Blockchain is the most popular skill search on its platform. I felt Yousif has a lot of experience in this space and felt a good opportunity to speak to him..

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Yousif Nur and I’m the co-founder of Blockchain Blueprint, a consultancy business for SME’s, particularly in fintech. I’m also a journalist, filmmaker and sometime curator. I cut my teeth in music, before growing tired of the industry. Long story short, I wanted a change and crypto initially caught my eye as a method of payment for the 21st century. Shortly afterwards I saw how the blockchain was the thing that powered it all and began to see that it wasn’t only a thing for cryptocurrencies, when in actual fact it could be used for many other things.

Tell us a little about Blockchain Blueprint

Blockchain Blueprint started off as a video course that me and a former business partner thought up in a shisha cafe in Birmingham of all places! We went to a blockchain event in London and began recording interviews with various figures in blockchain on how they became successful within the sector. A few months later we had a site but felt that it wasn’t engaging enough. After thinking long and hard about how best we could reach out to what the market wanted, it made sense to go down the consultancy route, this way we could help as many people as possible whilst still retaining those that are interested in our video content via YouTube.

Why Blockchain?

Because it has enormous potential in the way that we conduct business. In a nutshell, it’s the most sophisticated ledger in history. Right now, too many companies are running antiquated, archaic systems and processes. As well as that, no-one really knows the difference between blockchain and bitcoin, they think it’s one and the same, which it absolutely isn’t! If more people knew that the blockchain was an efficient, swift way of storing information that’s reliable, verifiable, decentralised with no central figure in charge and secure, then they’d be all over it. Not to mention being a solution to credit card and identity fraud to name just one thing it can do. On the flipside, it fits certain business models more than others. For instance, it’s a no-brainer if you’re involved in finance, insurance, accounting or fintech. It’s not such a great idea if you’re a dating site with things you might regret inputting later on in life.

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How can you help SME with Blockchain?

We are able to help SME’s by providing a particular focus on security and verification of blockchain technology, whether that’s on how to keep their assets safe, hacking concerns, credit card fraud and what specifically they need to be aware of. We’re also able to advise and consult them on the cryptocurrencies to invest and look out for in 2020. Because this is a space that’s continually changing almost every single day, we have to be abreast of everything that’s going on. Therefore, we pass on our knowledge to said businesses who are able to benefit from this via public speaking gigs, our YouTube channel and course academy which is under development at the moment. As I said before, the possibilities of blockchain are as such, that to give you an idea of how in demand it is, LinkedIn listed blockchain as the No.1 skill for 2020 that recruiters were looking for. That to me says it all.

What use cases are you seeing in Fintech?

There’s a few which are largely to do with the speed of processes made. But one particular project that has me very excited is the Hedera Hashgraph ( They have developed a blockchain which is immensely quicker, durable, more efficient and more multi-purpose than one for Bitcoin or most cryptocurrencies. This is a project that’s not within Fintech per se, but I also like the idea of Sun Exchange (, a South African project where you can get paid in Bitcoin for sharing solar panel power – this is a wonderful initiative that’s sustainable and gives back to local communities, schools and businesses in sunnier climates.

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What kinds of businesses are you looking to help?

Mostly those that are in Fintech for the moment. It might seem counterintuitive, but the ones that have some understanding of what blockchain is or have a vague inkling are the ones we’re targeting, essentially to get them over the line and on board with blockchain 100%. It’s much easier to talk to people who know what you’re talking about than opposed to those who haven’t got the foggiest idea!

Any particular blockchain project you wish you were involved with?

Ethereum as a blockchain and a concept. Upon its inception several years ago, it was an upgrade on the bitcoin blockchain as it introduced the idea of smart contracts, where one was allowed the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible too.

How can businesses get in touch with you if they have a project idea?

They can get in touch with us via our website or Facebook page and we’re quick to respond to all enquiries sent through.


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