Leveraging Other Peoples’ Content

By Jason Hulott | Articles

The one thing we need to talk about is leveraging other people’s content, leveraging other people’s traffic and their success online. One of the easiest ways to, for example, get to number one or number two in Google for any of your chosen keywords is to look at who is number one or number two currently.

Advertising Leverage

If possible, do a deal with them so that your brand or site appear on their website. So for example, in the case of car insurance you basically need to get yourself on the price comparison sites because these guys will probably dominate those listings.

For more niche insurance, you need to be talking to people like Money.co.uk or Fair Investment.

Now while this may sound counterintuitive, what you may find is that by just simply paying for your placement or paying to play is actually quicker and a much easier way of driving traffic, without having to worry about SEO to a great degree.

Or, you can have this as part of a bigger strategy.

Basically you are not relying on SEO from day one to drive your traffic because no SEO campaign in the world is going to be able to drive you volumes of traffic within the first two or three months.

Editorial Leverage

You can start leveraging other companies sites to see if there’s a way of getting your brand out there and other ideas in that regard especially, is to look for content or editorial sites that already rank for some of your products or keywords.

Again, on that basis you can pay to have an article placed with links to your own site. Or, if it’s a social media site, then post content on that social media site.

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Not necessarily a sales pitch but maybe some kind of editorial piece with links to your own site or own brand.

Content Curation Leverage

It’s not used very much in the insurance and finance space, but using content curation can be a great way of leveraging other peoples’ content to drive sales.

Content curation on social media, for example, would be finding content that is relevant to your target audience and then posting links to that content on your social media pages.

This in itself is a good thing because you’re in effect, self-selecting  / filtering for your audience to read.

You’re becoming a prism by which they consume information around your product or service.

But one thing that we’re seeing now especially with sites like snip.ly, allows you to redirect people to the same piece of content.

But it also allows you to overlay a small advert using a bottom left or bottom right hand corner with a little brand advert so it can be a logo or an image of your site with a small amount of text and a link to a product page or website.

What you are doing is you are able to drive people to third party websites but still being able to present your brand and message in front of them. So in this way you are really leveraging other peoples’ content.

What We Are Not Doing!

What this isn’t doing is this is not overwriting their website in any way shape or form. What this is doing is redirecting them through a service like snip.ly which will add a your brand as an advert on top of that page.

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There are a couple of really big marketing sites that do it and this is how we came across it. And it’s actually starting to bear results for them so they’re sharing a few pieces of content but they’re sharing content that is really relevant to their audience.

Next Level Curation

Some are actually turning 5 or 6 links of other people’s good quality articles into a newsletter.

They are using other peoples content to build and drive their newsletter activity. I see one large marketing company do this every Friday.

They are providing links to stories and then use snip.ly to serve a relevant product ad that they either have an introducer relationship with or it’s actually one of our own core products.

They are driving people into their websites. So this could be something else to have a think about and have a look at.


If there’s anything in here that you want to discuss with us by all means please get in touch. One of the areas where this would work exceedingly well would property insurance.

There’s a huge amount of landlord content out there at the moment and property investment sites and all that kind of stuff.

So for a savvy property insurer or broker there could be some real mileage in looking at something like building out some links or a building a newsletter… so if you want to have a chat about that, please to get in touch.


About the Author

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.