Mind.Capital Crypto Auto Trading Bot

By Jason Hulott | Bitcoin

Who are Mind.Capital?

Mind.Capital is the brainchild of a former professional gambler, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. At its heart, it’s a system for investing in the cryptocurrency market with a focus on profitability. 

It’s not a brokerage platform and individual users don’t trade cryptocurrency assets on their own behalf. They make an investment (which can be increased, it’s not a one-off payment) starting at $100. The bot does its work and profits are distributed daily across the user base, proportionate to investment. Mind.Capital takes a 35% management fee, everything else goes out to the customer base.

At present, the scheme is available only via referral.

How Does the Platform Work?

Mind.Capital makes use of machine learning and real-world expertise to analyse the movement of crypto and fiat currency prices. It then buys and sells those assets to make a profit on a daily basis. At any point, the investment may be in a variety of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies or none of the above. The focus is very much on making a profit at the end of each day.

The profitability factor comes from a deep analysis of thousands of current and emergent cryptocurrencies, through proprietary algorithms that identify buying and selling opportunities. This data is not made public, as it sits at the heart of their business model.

Mind.Capital makes use of blockchain technology on its platform, allowing for investments and withdrawals to be processed swiftly and cheaply. There are no hidden fees.

Users are free to withdraw their investment after the initial minimum period but in order to withdraw their earnings, they need to have accrued a minimum of $50. Withdrawals are paid in Bitcoin, based on the current daily price against the Dollar.

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Mind.Capital makes use of an interesting arbitration system and by use of their trading bot can make trades extremely quickly, to maximise profit opportunities offered by the difference in selling prices between crypto and fiat currencies.

How Do I Get Involved

At present users can register and make their initial investment, with a minimum stake of $100, after being referred by another user. The investment can be made in Bitcoin or fiat currency via credit card. Once the transaction has been completed, they start earning. Payouts are distributed one day in arrears, on weekdays, as fiat currency markets don’t trade over the weekend.

Mind.Capital takes pains to point out that although their system has been profitable so far, the cryptocurrency markets are volatile, which makes this a relatively high-risk investment.

The referral program that gets new members in pays out for up to 7 layers of referral, though this is subject to an increased minimum contribution. At present the first two layers payout with only the minimum $100, earning you a commission on the returns of your sponsored members.

The platform does not have an app, though it is optimised for mobile sites. Security is handled via 2-factor authentication and in a bid to combat phishing any email communication will contain a specific key phrase to confirm its authenticity.

Information quoted correct at the time of writing, February 2020.


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