Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

One of the best ways to help grow your business is to use a number of different forms of online marketing to help reduce your pound cost averaging for traffic.  Without doubt the fastest way to drive traffic is via pay per click (PPC) advertising which could be sending you traffic the very same day.

Using PPC can allow you test a new product, service or landing page of your website very quickly and help you understand how well it performs.

Our PPC marketing service includes:

  • existing adwords accounts audits and reviews  – we let you know how well your current implementation is working;
  • we can develop better performing ads and landing pages for you, better performing ads mean higher traffic and lower costs over time;
  • keyword research, competitor analysis, ad group setup and optimisation;
  • tracking – we make sure you have all the right tracking in place to prove the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

PPC is much more than simply bidding on keywords – we can help drive calls, mobile applications, attract new clients via gmail ads, display ads to boost brand and also retargetting to get people back to the site.

We are Google partners and manage a number of clients in the Finance and Insurance space.

We charge a flat setup fee and then a set monthly maintenance fee.

Request a Free Adwords Audit

Whether you are new to PPC or an existing Adwords client, let one of our Google AdWords Certified professional’s perform a free campaign audit for you. The results from this audit will show where there is room for improvement and possible some quick wins.

For new Adwords clients, our audits will be able to pull metrics from your industry market, competition, and geographical area (if you are focussed on a local area) to show you where to target your ads and what to set your bids at.

Our audits are obligation free! We will send the results to in PDF format.

So, why not get in touch now and see how we can help you?

PPC Audit

Complete the short form below to get access to your free PPC audit. While we base the free audit on Google, you can apply these learnings across other PPC activity.