Pay Per Click – there is more to PPC than Google Adwords

By Jason Hulott | Traffic Generation

Google Adwords is synonymous with pay per click marketing and for most people in the Insurance or Finance industry, this means you may feel you will be priced out of the market – especially when you see click costs of anywhere upward of £5 – £10 per click – or that you will need a huge budget to compete with the big boys in the space.

But Google is not the only place you can buy traffic quickly on a cost per click basis. There are a few places you can buy pay per click traffic from. Having a variety of traffic sources and driving traffic to different types of pages will help you to grow your enquiries, quotes and sales.

  1. Bing – While Google Adwords is the big dog, Bing also has a pay per click offering and while not as large traffic wise, it does seem (from our tests at least) to provide better converting traffic at a lower cost than Google. It is just a shame they don’t have the same volumes of traffic.
  2. Insurance / Finance Websites – there are a number of high traffic websites that you can work with on a cost per click basis. And with these sites, that cost can be fixed for an agreed period of time.   These tend to be cheaper than Google and also do have a better quality, as they will have gone through a few pages before seeing your ad and then clicking on it. These could include sites such as MoneySuperMarket who have some directory style pages that work on a fixed cost per click basis.
  3. eBay – eBay will allow companies to buy in traffic and advertising on a cost per click basis for some of their text link ads. This can be a great way to drive in a large amount of traffic quickly and cheaply.
  4. Facebook – Facebook has its own advertising platform that you can buy in traffic on a cost per click basis. It does tend to be cheaper than Google and you can be much more specific in profiling the type of customer you are looking for. That said, conversion takes a bit of time to nurture, so while you can buy in the traffic low cost, it might take more traffic to get a conversion.
  5. Other pay per click search engines. There is a number of second tier pay per click engines, mainly US ones but these do have some UK traffic. We have tested of view of these and they do drive a small amount of traffic and sales. Sites include Adblade and 7search.
  6. Discovery networks – Content discovery networks can be a great way to by in a huge amount of relevant traffic into mainly content pages that can then lead readers into a buying or lead process. Like Facebook traffic conversion is lower but as the traffic is much cheaper it can still work out cost effective. In the main, content discovery networks are best to drive clicks into content pages, guide or blog posts rather than quote engines. These include Outbrain and Taboola.
  7. Other social media platforms – sites such as Pinterest, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn and Twitter all have pay per click advertising options that you can explore.
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While not exhaustive, you can see that there is a huge amount of places to buy in traffic on a consistently fixed cost basis – and quickly. Make sure each source you try has it own dedicated campaign urls built for it which you can do with the Google Campaign URL builder – and make sure it is tracked in Google Analytics.

Also make sure you have the right type of goal setup depending on the traffic source. Straight search based or relevant sites can drive people into a quote and buy facility. Others such as social media and content discovery networks will be better to going into content pages with maybe email newsletter signup forms or enquiry forms, so they can be nurtured.


About the Author

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.