Press Releases

Why are press releases so important?

If you want to benefit from over 20 years’ experience of PR activities, without having to pay big city prices or a large monthly retainer, then we can help. When you choose us, you will receive what we believe is an affordable service which can lead to excellent results and provide numerous benefits to your business.

Press releases are ideal for generating publicity for your business and creating a buzz about your products and services. However, they also have many more benefits that you may not have even considered.

As well as making you look like an expert in your industry – especially when journalists start to contact you for quotes – press releases also have many online marketing benefits. They can be a great way to generate backlinks to improve your SEO efforts, and they can also lead to more direct traffic from a variety of sources.

However, too many companies either do not know how to make the most of them, or end up paying too much for services which do not merit the high expense.

Key benefits:

  • our PR service will help build your brand, service awareness and trust with your customers after your press release gets picked up by journalists and they start to come to you for quotes;
  • our online PR syndication service will help drive traffic through generating links to your website;
  • very affordable marketing technique;
  • we can help generate lots of exposure through our numerous contacts, consisting of national, regional, consumer, niche local and trade writers;
  • our PR service can get quick results – releases can get published online in hours, and, depending on the service you choose, often appear on Google News within 48 hours.

Start up your own PR campaign

Many companies remain unaware of the benefits of press releases, thinking that they are too expensive for what they can achieve. In some cases where big city PR firms charge £2,000 a month, it is easy to see their point. However, although we do not charge such high fees, we can still ensure that you get all the same benefits.

Many firms do not understand the concept of spreading the word about their company news through press syndication. We aim to change all that by explaining exactly how we can help you to see results and making sure you take full advantage of them.

Press releases do not have to be expensive, but even affordable ones can be very effective. Our service is designed to be very affordable whilst still generating results. We have been generating press exposure for our clients for a long time, and we can do the same for you.

Case study

Less than a week after the launch of a new payday loans service, our client got a positive mention on the front page article of the Money Mail section of the Daily Mail national newspaper. It was then reproduced all over the web, generating high quality backlinks and traffic.

Endorsement and links to this extent would have cost thousands of pounds. We did it with just two pieces of PR – a comment on the industry and a launch PR – and now we can help you to start using press releases to start to take full advantage of this excellent form of PR.

Please get in touch to find out more – we can offer a number of PR solutions tailor made to suit your budget and your needs. Whether you want a full press release service of writing, and distributing your PR offline to relevant contacts plus online PR syndication; or, just one or two of these elements, we can help.

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