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Starting, running and growing any business is full of risks – at any moment, some unexpected setback might threaten its very existence.

Whether you are operating a conventional business, e-commerce, or a combination of the two, you face a fast-moving environment in which your aim is to grow your enterprise. With that growth, come ever-increasing business risks. And to safeguard your enterprise against those risks, you need business insurance.

What makes Superscript different?

Where superscript differs from other, standard forms of business insurance is the way it is designed to grow with your business in a fast-changing world.

Regular forms of business insurance typically provide cover against your chosen risks for a whole year and you renew the cover on a fixed renewal date.

But a let can happen in that year. As your business grows, so the risks may change both in their nature and their scope. New perils – which might not have bothered your nascent business – open up beneath your feet. Your business needs the flexibility of a rapid response to meet those risks.

That’s where the innovative approach of Superscript may pay dividends. Not only are their policies highly-tailored to meet your specific business needs but they are also super-flexible. The insurance you need – which is likely to change several times in the space of a year – comes by way of a monthly subscription, which may be altered, amended or even cancelled, at any time.

The risks

Superscript offers insurance which keeps pace with the ups, downs and growth of your business in a way that matches the changing risks you might encounter. It does so by giving you a selection of cover that includes:

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Essential cover

  • public liability insurance – that indemnifies you against claims from third parties who may be injured or have their property damaged through some fault or negligence on the part of your business;
  • product liability insurance – against claims arising from customers who have suffered financial loss through faulty products or goods you have supplied;
  • employers’ liability insurance – if you have any employees, there is a legal obligation in the UK to have employers’ liability insurance to indemnify you against claims from employees who are injured or contract an illness through their work;
  • contents and equipment insurance – provides the compensation you need to repair or replace essential contents and equipment that is damaged, lost or stolen;

Professional cover

  • professional indemnity insurance – if you offer anything that may be taken as advice or recommendations as part of the services you provide, you may be held responsible for professional negligence and this element of cover provides indemnity against such claims;
  • cyber and data liability insurance – your business has a legal duty to safeguard data and information you handle, with any breach of that duty potentially ending in heavy penalties, against which this element of cover provides indemnity;

Management cover

  • directors and officers insurance – directors and officers of your company play such key roles that their absence or incapacity may prove critical;
  • directors and officers insurance offers compensation in the event of their becoming injured or sick;
  • employment practices insurance – protects you against potential claims from shareholders and other stakeholders who allege that your employment practices have resulted in their financial loss;

Through all these potential elements of cover, insurance from Superscript may be tailored to fit your particular business needs and circumstances – both now and in the future, however quickly the world around you is changing.

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All data cited in this article is correct at the time of writing.


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Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.