Top Affiliate Marketing Tips For Insurance And Mortgage Brokers

By Jason Hulott | Traffic Generation

Affiliate programmes are a great way to generate a second or even multiple income streams by passing leads or site traffic to third parties. Now for most brokers, the thought of taking hard earned traffic and giving it to someone else is a pretty scary idea, and if I pitched that at a face to face meeting I would probably either be laughed at and/or kicked out!

But bear with me. There are certain ways of having your cake and eating it so to speak by keeping your affiliate offers tucked away from your main products and services but still promoting things in such a way that you can earn additional revenue.

Here are 4 ideas that you can implement right now to attract additional revenue:

Thank You / Confirmation Pages

Thank you for your enquiry pages or confirmation pages are a wasted resource that could be used to promote either some of your other products and services (at the very least) or you can offer access to other company’s products and services. They would be best being complementary.

So on a travel insurance related thank you page – you could set up links to car hire companies, airport parking, travel agents and the like.

Remember you don’t have to pass people to your competitors. A quick look on any of the following affiliate network sites will give you a ton of ideas for additional revenue streams.


Do you offer your customers and site visitors the opportunity to sign up to a company newsletter? Again an on-line newsletter could be a great way to promote additional related products to your core business and earn a commission for any products sold.

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Building an email list is a great way to create a large revenue source that you could tap into once per month buy newsletter or even more frequent if you have the resource.


Do you run a site blog for your business? Adding blog posts about related products and services could be another way to add revenue. Reviewing products and services could be a useful service for your clients and at the same time could earn you revenue. It is also a good way to add content to your blog consistently.

Mini Site

Building a whole site around an affiliate programme or affiliate marketing strategy can be a bit hardcore for most, but picking a related topic to your core business, not only can you promote affiliate offers to your heart’s content; you can also drive additional traffic to your core website.

For example, if you are a car insurance broker – you could run a car blog, or car forum or even run a car enthusiasts site. In this way, you can attract interest in the topic, get others to help add content via forum posts and articles, and you can add related affiliate offers and also links to your own core business. A Win-Win!

Finally, Yes I know there was going to only be 4 but I thought of another one.

Client Membership Site

You could create a “members” only / password protected section on your website and set up affiliate offers that would be of benefit to them. Add some useful content to it to and review each service and it could turn into an additional selling proposition. Just like some brokers and insurers gave away a book of vouchers with each purchase. You could offer and control the same thing online.

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There you have it, 5 ways in which you can add affiliate marketing into your business and add multiple revenues streams of income. In the current climate, having multiple sources of income can only be a good thing and if you have some resource to put into one or more of these ideas they will pay dividends in the long run.

Consider this as an investment in your business.

Did I miss anything?  Do you have a great idea to incorporate this kind of thing into your business?  Why not share!


About the Author

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.