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Why is video marketing so important?

We have been providing video content and video marketing since online video content first came to the fore, meaning we have extensive experience and knowledge of this type of marketing.

Whereas a few years ago video marketing had not yet gone mainstream, now it is becoming a very important marketing technique for any company operating in the online environment.

Faster internet speeds have seen a boom in the amount of video content available and being watched on the web. You only have to look at YouTube to see that (YouTube is also now the second largest search engine which further proves just how important video content may be).

Now video marketing is taking off in a big way, and it can play a valuable role in any online marketing strategy. The ability of video marketing to help you to increase traffic to your website, market your products and present a more professional look, are all reasons why this should play a part in your web content or a viral marketing campaign.

On top of that, there is relatively little effort required on your part, especially when you hire us to create and market your video content for you.

Key benefits:

  • market your products and services, share your videos over social networks and generate direct traffic back to your website;
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, and you can also improve your rankings in Google by releasing videos when they are syndicated properly;
  • you can use videos to help to explain your products and services and stimulate discussion and community;
  • videos are a relatively low cost way to market, and you can even use them to repurpose written content;
  • videos can add a more professional look to your website with ease.

Make better use of video content

Our portfolio of professional content and video marketing options will help boost your business’s profile and enhance the user-experience on your website. We can create a whole range of video content to achieve whatever you are hoping for, including:

  • product information videos;
  • review videos;
  • news and opinion pieces;
  • explanatory videos;
  • advertisements.

We can bring powerful video content to your website to make you look more professional, and a good video can also be considered ‘link bait’ – content so good that it attracts links from other web users which can boost your search engine rankings.

Videos syndicated properly can also help to drive direct traffic to your website, and it is also more likely to drive targeted traffic which can help to boost conversions.

We provide a whole range of services to help get your videos off the ground. We can help you to write scripts, source actors and even direct videos as well as marketing them on the web. Essentially, we can provide you with the full production, delivery and marketing of your videos online. You don’t have to do a thing!

Take advantage of professional, high quality, low-cost video content with our video marketing service by getting in touch today.

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